Book Signing + ‘Live Your Dreams’ Necklaces Party – June 13th

When: Saturday, June 13th – Noon – 4pm
Where: Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection – 95 Trapelo Rd. Belmont, Mass.

live your dreams party 2 (1)

What: Live Your Dreams Necklaces are on sale at Karenna’s now for the first time. Here’s the back story. Before we were selling a hand-made beaded version of the design. We kept selling out of them. I couldn’t keep up! The meaning behind the design along with the divine inspiration behind it accounts for its popularity. We brought a few to test the waters to the Alice’s Law book signing last April and sold out of them then had to take orders.


Additionally!!! For this Saturday’s shindig, there will be wine, food and good company. Alice’s Law: Honoring Lost Loved Ones and Finding Deeper Meaning will be on sale as well. I can sign it too!

The latest review of Alice’s Law: Alice’s Law is not pretentious, nor does it proselytize about the idea of coping with loss as if there was a formulaic way to do it. Rather, it’s heartfelt and sincere, with some pretty potent cognitive building gems of reflection that can help make sense out of the more diffracted situations which arise when dealing with a loss. I would recommended for anyone who wants to minimize their pain when feeling this kind of tragedy. It’s a great book to meditate on when suffering the passing of our loves; especially when needing inspiration to channel the unfortunate things that occur outside of our control into something positive. Thanks for being real Lauren, and being able to express it with an enjoyable read!



BirchTree Bread Company Book Signing – April 12

I’ll be signing and selling my new book Alice’s Law at BirchTree Bread Company (138 Green St. Worcester, Mass.) this Sunday, April 12 AlicesLaw-coverfrom 11 am – 1 pm. [ Your Directions. ]

There will be FREE tarot card readings and other festivities. Stop by for the absolute best breakfast sandwich in town, to buy a book, to say hello, to try the bread (you must!!!) and hang out.

If you haven’t been in yet, BirchTree Bread Company provides a cozy, inviting atmosphere with just the right amount warehouse vibe to make you feel cool. It’s the perfect place to spend a few lazy Sunday afternoon hours.

Lots of love! Hope to see you there. ~ Lauren

Save the date. April 19th (5 pm – 7 pm)  I’m hosting a book party to celebrate the publication of Alice’s Law and to bring a fantastic group of people together in the same room.

Tomorrow I Start Book Promotion So Why Am I Crying in the Snow?

I opened my car door and stepped into a slushy, brown puddle. Luckily last week, after being back in New England for four years, I broke down and bought weather-appropriate boots made of insulation and rubber. There’s a little fur trim too. I haven’t totally succumb to the lumberjack look.

I pulled out my purse, my sneakers, my new headphones… I turned to walk around my car and I just fell to my knees wailing like a toddler without her pacifier.

I can’t say for sure what it is but mostly I was convulsing thinking about all the money I spent and sacrifices I made in the name of “following my dreams.” I was having flashes of the complacent life of superiority I could have had. The one where I had everything but a soul. Now I have a soul and all I own is a lamp and an art collection.

The story isn’t over. It hasn’t even begun. I’m launching my first book tomorrow! I should be exciting but I’m daydreaming about safety and security.

Sure the alternative is the same. I’d wailing on my living room floor before my husband came home thinking I’m in possession of everything but a soul.

All I’ve ever wanted to do is write. Even right now when I should be coming up with clever tweets and hashtags; all I want to do is write. And I do write. I walk around thinking about how I would tell events in a story form. I pull over to the side of the road to write down ideas and opening paragraphs to books and articles and stories and essays and letters and yet… I’m terrified.

I’m terrified to admit I’m scared of what people will think of my book. They may hate it, which is somehow slightly less scary than if they love it.

Oh well, what am I waiting for? Tomorrow I will find out…

Alice’s Law is the book I wanted to find after my mother died of breast cancer when I was a Junior in college. It’s filled with hope, laughs and good stories. All the book info.>

5 Aspirations, 5 Gratitudes: A Creative Reflection Exercise

Since starting Trauma to Art, we’ve found that some ideas stick and some don’t. BUT maybe timing has something to do with it. Way back when Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t on twitter and Ashton Kutcher was like totally the only celeb tweeting, we tried to grow a Globalization of Love movement where people would share five things they aspired to do and five things they were grateful for.

It was in response to patterns we observed. We saw many people who came to us were battling more than loss–they were struggling with the people in their lives. And one of the steps to mending relationships is working on yourself. Annoying, I know. It’s all this non-sense about how we can’t control other people. (WHY, GOD?!) I totally agree with you. It’s them, not us. But for posterity’s sake…

Here’s the deal. You write out five things you are grateful for to put into perspective what is going right. Your health. Your friendship. Your brother. Your nephew. Your job. Vanderpump Rules adding more episodes to their season. Thank you, Andy Cohen. We worship you whether we’re brave enough to admit it or not.

Second and final step, you write out five things you aspire to do. From there you can prioritize and say, where do I want to go? Do I want great relationships? Do I want to focus more on my health? Do I want to spend time on that career thingie I said I was going to do when I was five but then gave up on because I think I’m not good enough or I’m not this or I’m not like that? Oh wait, I am good enough.

(Reminder! We fund creative ideas inspired by loss. If you’re thinking about an idea inspired by your trials and tribulations recovering from a devastating loss, we may give you some straight cash, homie. TM Apply here.)

Anyway just the other day we received an email from a t2a-er who read our old post and wanted us to post her aspirations and gratitudes. Check them out below. We’d love to get a collection of several just for fun. Email them to me and we’ll see if can create something cool.  – Lauren,


Let’s all thank Uma for giving us some insight into her heart and soul.

I aspire…

1. to have my books and blog touch and impact millions of lives (her website)
2. to be published by Hay House
3. to use my coaching and teaching skills to empower women
4. to moving everyday toward the place of my deep centeredness
5. to make a difference in the lives of people everyday

I am grateful for…

1. my family
2. my talent for expression
3. my health
4. the spiritual awakening I’ve had through my mother’s death
5. teachers, authors, masters, souls that I encounter on my daily journey


Meeting Gwyneth Paltrow at the Goop Pop-up Shop in Dallas

The day: November 21.

The purpose: To see the Goop store.

The outcome: Meeting an Academy Award winner while geeking out.

photo (16)

Yes, to answer your question, I was this nerdy when I met her.

I walk in wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and a haggard pair of wedges I cannot let go of. I saw earlier that Gwyneth would be doing a book signing the next day but I was flying out of Dallas to go to D.C. so I already mourned the lost opportunity. I’ll meet Gwyneth another day. I’m such a big fan of Goop and Gwyneth Paltrow so I had to pop in her pop-up.

As soon as I walked in the I saw that she was to the right. I browsed trying to play it cool… no big deal. I don’t get starstruck THAT often but of course there are a few people you especially admire. And she is one of mine. (Don’t even get me started on that time I ran into Stevie Wonder at Dulles. It’s one of my greatest regrets that I didn’t go up to him.)

I hate imposing on people but she’s in the store… clearly she wants to meet fans. I buy a bra. And the most amazing thing happens. Gwyneth leans over and says, “I love this bra. I need to get one.”

Before I leave I ask if we can take a picture together. She is the nicest and agrees. Then I
tell her I work with a non-profit that helps grievers and I love so many of the thoughtful things she’s said about the loss of her dad.” She says, “Thank you so much.” (With great sincerity.)

GP Quote “I feel my dad, I still feel his love, I still speak to him and I still love him. I always hold on to his wedding ring. I ask it questions, I feel like it keeps me safe. I really sense the energy of his soul, I don’t think that evaporates. Half the reason my life is good and has real, true value is that he died. I’d obviously rather have him alive, but he gave me so much in his death”. — Gwyneth Paltrow

Since her father’s death, Gwyneth was inspired to pen three books about fabulous food, family love and life’s beauty: My Father’s Daughter, It’s All Good & Notes from the Kitchen. That’s Trauma —> to —-> ART in action.