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I really appreciate your writing on [Trauma to Art]. You are able to express exactly what I’m feeling. I’m 21 and just lost to mom to diabetes and heart disease in June. I’m struggling. My life has been turned upside down. I don’t know what to believe. But two sentences you wrote really stuck with me. The first one—“After my mother died, the idea there was a heaven seemed frighteningly overwhelming and the idea there was nothing seemed like a horrible injustice”— is exactly how I am feeling right now. It hurts to think about it, so I just try to ignore it. But it’s still hard. The second one— “the path of grieving and healing is unique for everyone. Our perception of comfort is dependent upon our individual keyholes through which we see the world”— I really agree with and am holding on to as I continue through this painful grieving process. Thank so much for your writings. You have helped me a lot.” – Miriam

What a beautiful post and I absolutely can relate to what feels like misdirected grief moments…those moments when we’re crying about something like hair color that didn’t come out quite right and really it is about our much deeper loss. I remember becoming angry with my late husband one time about wet towels…finally he asked me what was really going on. I realized I was afraid he was going to die from the cancer. It was the only time I spoke this fear to him. It so wasn’t about the towels…but it gave us a chance to hold each other and acknowledge the horrible thing that was happening to us both. Thank you for sharing your story.” Anonymous

Reading this, gives me hope. Hope that some day, I too, can make peace with the loss of my sister. Thank you for sharing.” – Shirley

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